Wednesday, May 13, 1942 The Georgetown Herald provided a biography of Maud after her death, noting that for the previous two years she had been in ill health. The writer emphasized the “freshness and simplicity of style” that marked her writing. There was not much to say about her time in Norval, other than the fact that the family had lived in the village for a few years and Ewan was minister. But across the country fans of LM Montgomery mourned the loss of their beloved author. I know that there were pilgrimages made to her gravesite today to offer Maud floral tributes and thanks for her work.


lmm death 2


3 thoughts on “April 24, the anniversary of Maud’s death

  1. This looks like a copy of the obituary that appeared in The Globe and Mail on 25 April 1942 (the day after Montgomery’s death), under the title “Noted Author Dies Suddenly at Home Here”—I’ve found versions of it in newspapers across the country. What seems even more strange than the fact that there’s no detailed mention of her time in Norval is that it was printed more than three weeks later.

    1. Yes, I noticed the date and was wondering why they didn’t bother personalizing it when Maud had been such a source of local news items for years. I wasn’t able to find anything else that was actually written by a local reporter. Thanks for letting me know that it was the same in the G&M. I had hoped to check other sources this week but didn’t have time.

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